Viewing sample courses

The ctYOUniverse learning management system (LMS) provides a teaching and learning platform based on Moodle, the most popular LMS platform in the world. Our system offers an easy-to-use online classroom environment accessible on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphone with no special app required.

Several options enable instructors to get a feel for ctYOUniverse course sites and instructional materials. Continue reading below for more information on each of the following options:

  • Tinkering in a ctYOUniverse demo site
  • Visiting the public demo site
  • Downloading free printed curriculum samples from CIMC
  • Requesting your own personal ctYOUniverse sandbox
  • Training in an empty course site on

ctYOUniverse Demo Courses

Instructors may access sample courses at This allows visitors to use a course site from the Editing Teacher role and actually manipulate the course site. The site refreshes to its original state every hour. Demo courses include Horticulture, Surviving and Thriving, and Fundamentals of Nursing. Instructors must log in using the credentials provided on the website.

Hands-On Demo

The global Moodle community also provides a free demo site at This demo allows users to experience Moodle from several vantage points, including the admin, manager, teacher, and student roles.

Printed Samples

To view samples of CIMC’s printed curriculum from each Career Cluster area, visit the CIMC website.

ctYOUniverse Sandboxes

Still have more questions? Log in to our demo site at and fill out the sandbox request form. Our staff will contact you with instructions for accessing your own sandbox, which will expire in 14 days. Course Sites

Oklahoma CareerTech instructors who would like access for a course site for personal training or classroom use may obtain a free empty course site at, which they may keep for as long as they like.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Last modified: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 9:36 AM