Money back policy

  • Digitally Delivered Curriculum and Course Sites—Because the creation of each course site provides access to our curriculum, we cannot issue refunds or credit for ctYOUniverse courses or electronic versions of curriculum. This means we cannot refund the initial setup fee for a course. If you have product questions, please call our customer service group before making a purchase to avoid miscommunication.
  • Release of New Editions—Our products undergo committee validation reviews and updates periodically. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund or credit on an older course when a new edition becomes available. However, Instructors can purchase a new edition of the course, and then move any additional materials they created in the past to the new course site.
  • Course Ownership—Curriculum materials or course sites purchased by a school or agency on behalf of an instructor belong to the school. Instructors who change jobs and begin working for another school district may not retain use of their course site without the approval of the former school district.
  • Trial Use Before Purchase—To help ensure satisfaction, we can provide a preview limited to selected samples of one curriculum unit before the purchase of a ctYOUniverse course. Contact us to arrange a demonstration of a particular product.

As educators, we understand students often change their class schedule during the first week of a semester. We encourage you to wait at least one week before allowing students to enroll in a ctYOUniverse course. If a student drops the class within the first 30 days of the course start date, their student seat may be transferred to a different student.

Our instructional designers and developers strive to offer our customers top quality curriculum on timely topics. We appreciate constructive feedback about our products and welcome you to share your thoughts with our team.

For more information, please read our user agreement.

Last modified: Thursday, July 7, 2016, 9:34 AM