Q: What is the most efficient means for requesting user support?

A: Fill out the instructor assistance request form. Students, please contact your instructor.

Q: Can the ctYOUniverse gradebook work with other learning management systems?

A: Instructors can download the gradebook in several file formats that can be imported into other LMSes.

Q: Is ctYOUniverse compatible with iPads? How can I know for sure ahead of time whether ctYOUniverse will work in my school’s computers and devices before I buy?

A: We offer several options to try before you buy. First, visit our free demo site at http://demo.ctyouniverse.com. You may also contact our staff and request your own sandbox site. Users can access ctYOUniverse on any device that has a web browser and an internet connection. However, sometimes a school's IT manager configures school-owned devices in such a way to block access to certain websites. Contact your IT department to find out about your school's web access policies.

Q: How much does ctYOUniverse cost?

A: ctYOUniverse costs less per student than textbooks! Visit CIMC's ctYOUniverse website or CIMC's online catalog for pricing and other information.

Q: Can ctYOUniverse be used offline?

A: Users must have an internet connection to access ctYOUniverse.com. However, students can download certain assignments as PDFs and complete them offline.

Q: How do I place an order?

A: To place an order please visit CIMC's online catalog call CIMC’s customer service department at 800-654-4502. Customer service hours are 8 am to 4:30 pm Central Time. You may also fax an order to 405-743-5154 (a form is available in our catalog or online) or send an e-mail to our customer service department. A PDF of our printed catalog is available online.

Q: How do I register my students?

A: We will register and enroll students for you. Instructors simply need to provide a list of students in an Excel spreadsheet. Contact our staff, and we'll explain the process in more detail. 

Q: What collaborative features does ctYOUniverse have that allows students to work on group projects?

A: Collaborative features include wikis, discussion boards, and databases. In addition, you can use most any web app in conjunction with your Moodle classroom.

Q: Our school already uses Blackboard (or Canvas). How can I use ctYOUniverse?

A: No one single technology will solve all learning and communication problems. Instructors these days commonly use several technology tools. The ctYOUniverse system provides a “home  base” for face-to-face delivery and blended learning and can be used along with other technology. Instructors can download student grades, which can be imported in other LMSes.

Q: Can materials be exported from Blackboard (or Canvas) and be imported into ctYOUniverse?

A: Many file types readily import directly into Moodle. However, the same file type must exist in both systems for this to work. For example, special activities and file types that only existing in a certain system will not transfer into other LMSes. This holds true for any LMS.

Q: Where does the curriculum come from? What is CIMC?

A: We are the Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center, a not-for-profit organization within the Oklahoma Department of CareerTech. We've been selling curriculum throughout the country since 1967.

Q: Does ctYOUniverse function in a similar way as Google for Education apps?

A: ctYOUniverse.com is a self-contained site for hosting courses. You can use Google apps as a complement to your ctYOUniverse course.

Q: I've heard of Moodle. What is that?

A: Moodle is open-source learning management system (LMS) software. Moodle is the most popular LMS platform in the world, mainly because of its ease of use and the massive amount of support and other resources available from the Moodle global community at http://moodle.org.

Q: Can I place videos in my course site?

A: ctYOUniverse currently has no streaming capabilities. Plus, we simply cannot store a large number of video files. We recommend you upload videos to a site such as YouTube, and then embedding the video in your course site.

Q: If Moodle is free, why are you selling ctYOUniverse? Aren't you just reselling Moodle? How is ctYOUniverse different from an ISP?

A: The price of ctYOUniverse covers the cost of the curriculum that comes preloaded in a course site. Fees cover only instructor and student materials. We do not charge extra for hosting your online course or for service and support.

Q: Is ctYOUniverse cloud based?

A: No, ctYOUniverse is on a standalone server hosted by the State of Oklahoma in a secured data center in Oklahoma City.



Last modified: Monday, August 15, 2016, 2:13 PM